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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Career and Life Goals

The topic of goals is difficult for me to really discuss.  As of thirty-two years of age, I am still looking for an entry level opportunity to start my professional vocation.  My so-called career has seen many more low points than high ones.  The trials and tribulations are so numerous I do not know if I can recall any achievements.  So it is fair to say that part of life has not gone so well so far.  Working is one of the rare components of life that features a very intricate duality where you need experience to prove you are employable but that does not give information about how the first door is ever opened.  My history will show that I have not been the model employee at any stop but should that really derail any potential in considering my next position?  The obvious answer to the question is yes but when will that ever be adjusted in the land of second chances?  I am not sure if I need the perfect fit or if I just might not be cut out for a traditional nine to five occupation.  Maybe with the added aspect of maturity, completion of my first degree and a great start towards my second one will create a better leg for me to stand on.  With a bit of luck, ample separation from my past failures can initiate a proverbial bankruptcy for career antiquity and allow a new beginning with a clean slate. 
My life goals are somewhat different.  After explaining parts of my past, I simply want to go in the polar opposite direction in almost every way.  I feel if I only make the right and best choices I have available to me from this moment forth then that alone can provide enough motivation to commit to the path of rectitude.  That would be the short term goal to make the correct decision whenever the chance presents itself to do so.  The long term goal which can be manufactured from that would be to be a great human being in whatever context that can be said.  It would be lofty to be mentioned in the same breath as some of those in the pantheon of the immaculate examples of humanity for which many others should aspire to.  Though there are few, I do not want to create a list of names because I may not name them all but everyone reading this has an idea of what that would mean to them. They may even know who they would like to include on it.  I am not there yet but I just want to begin the process of what it would take to get there.  Some of the indispensable characteristics are having a durable will, natural sense of morality, compassion for others and incredible intellect.  My first step is to simply work to gain those and see where that can lead me to.  But to expatiate those components sans serviceable recourse might not please the indulging plenary audience.  Receiving respect and recognition from others who values those as talents would be the symbolic reward that I would be honored to have.  Then the accolades garnered from that audience can generate the superstar personage and income which that sort of acclaim brings.  And if that bourne can be completed by means of pure intention with more smiles than tears along the way, it would be the ultimate aim for me.  

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