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Law of Attraction

When considering the concept of the “law of attraction”, I simply reduce it to the exercise of unity progress.  As you find something that...

Friday, February 07, 2020

Contemplating The Declining Negativity

Sorry for the overall delay.  Currently I am in Georgia looking for work again.  I originally wanted this vessel to become my main source of income but it never matured towards fulfillment probably due to the amateurish approach I still have.  Ideally just placing this on the site should generate excitement and more visitors for the new entry. Financial support and word-of-mouth marketing were always my vision for natural growth. However the reality is that I have fallen flat or short for four years. People are reading or becoming aware of the site but each year I am looking for an employer to help me survive. The most recent result was severe depression, change in physical appearance and weight gain. Might be getting bad folks. I wanted to create more love for myself in the world, however I may be wrong about that assumption as well. The next direction will be more poetry to promote critical thinking and more prose as a change of pace to deliver status and emotion. The only problem is I am the only one who believes that should not lead in the unemployment office to explain how my ideas don’t work. Long story short is how could I make it better. If I were to tell everyone in my immediate vicinity to help me make money and expect nothing in return, who would willingly be for that? If I were to select certain people and split the profits, would I really be in a situation that I could enjoy more knowing that no one likes what I am writing but they respond to their close friends asking them to support? I want to build relationships and be the center of this in every aspect but the feasibility of that research was not found to be enabling. I am hurt but not broken. Stumbling yet standing. In the words of a former teacher, “A setback is only a setup for a comeback”. When I first heard that I thought it was brilliant. I hold it in a similar context now but I wish I had the momentum to only propel forward without any glitch or hesitation to hinder the ultimate progress. By this time I envision homes, cars and vacations. An avid Republican supporter who shakes hands with President Trump as we define greatness. To this day these are only things I can witness from afar. Way away from the dreams and the goals are tears and scars. Substitute smiles for pain and pride for shame and you have Obioku in the moment. The man of tomorrow may not be the man of today but he is present through the transition with the passage of time might be the summation of it all.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Terminus Beacon

Peerless is a partial pseudonym
For saintly beings with a higher purpose from the beginning
Trapped with the idiom of a middle passage
And a predetermined fate documented for the masses
Is a questionable advantage or understood disadvantage
Depending on the hidden handshake amongst bereft parties
Where fair play has an allowance of tardy
Where the witness and participant have equal value
Equality for having your voice hold its own weight
Equality for the experience of the moment
The price is always right - To debate
As the crossed angel meets the wretched mistake
Like the cognomen is to the given name
There is a precedent that precedes
Detectable homonyms accompanied with closing explanations
Baby steps of etymology
Transform into full formed babel
Inconceivable begins an unavoidable end
Afresh over and over