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Friday, October 09, 2020

Systemic Dissensus

Can you hear the laughter 
Can you see the smiles
The high fives, handshakes, cheers and celebrations
The world’s constant joke is Obioku loses again
Continue to follow and replay the past
I will have nothing to add
I get it
Why don’t I just cry 
Why don’t I just quit
Why don’t I just... 
Let’s not cause alarm 
It’s entertainment for the audience 
Let’s not bring more attention to a failed system
Demoralized and beaten 
To raise the hand of new champion
The best I could ever ask for is more humiliation
Keep talking about the similarities 
Keep focus on the context
Keep drawing the parallels
This is the new society
New America and new world
Phones tapped
Watched at all times
Reality tv enjoys the suffering
People love the pain
Revel in the degradation 
Well if that’s true
I don’t want it

Monday, August 03, 2020

Rumination of Supremacy

As practice is to make efforts perfect
Inactivity must also have inherent errors
Since suppressive thoughts 
Have to be expressed to more than mirrors
Constantly promoting the positive sense of self
Can have a bit of desperation
But the tiniest semblance of doubt
Will be endlessly magistrated as necessary to hear
Confused moments can be offered silence to bide time
Because it is better than conveyance of weakness
So here is a statement of eliteness
I will surpass most and am meritorious of more
Soon to spread my metaphorical wings and soar
Upon some of the highest heights ever
Clever, yes but 
How many interpret
How many will support
How many will condemn
The message alone cannot bless
Till the word becomes flesh
So scientifically 
There will also be 
The associated hue and sex
Whether in my favor or not
This is not easy to spot
Even loving all, humanely not romantically
In deference to commonality and equality
Does not require preference
As the inverse assuredly does
Cause I like those who love me
Easily an absolute max in terms of attractive qualities
So let this begin 
The creme de la creme 
With significant and eventful times of my approaching enriched life
As I may meet all the needs to support a happy and very fortunate wife