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Friday, July 10, 2020

Directed Towards Acceptance

Finally experiencing positive momentum but it is not in the direction I intended.  A tumultuous question is presented at the crossroads. Though it is not what I prayed for, is it honorable to still be optimistic?  As a religious man, I ask myself is this God’s intervention to stimulate rectitude and correct my course to a better righteous path with a promising ending.  Were my previous wishes to become a high ranking executive with immense wealth and awards too early, too insulting and lofty enough to require some humbling? Or is it that I was not braggadocious to overstate and inflate accomplishments and responsibilities to incite the need for advancement? Saddened by falling short of what I felt was truly possible to pursue dreams but hopeful that the newly opened door can help me sustain myself.  The pursuit of the historical forever becomes the ability of making it to the next 24 hours living check to check.  I am upset yet trying to recalibrate in finding the nowness of proper perspective.  As the meek is to inherit the earth so shall the arrogant receive all they claim to be is theirs.  The boastful is more appropriate for this world because the understated leaves too much of its entirety in limbo as assumptions may not be worth the research to know more than what is provided directly.  So the moral of the story of this brief entry is to try to tell all and tell more than necessary proudly, loudly and boldly because whatever is not mentioned is transformed to the fraternal emptiness of everlasting nothing due to only be taken for granted.  

Friday, June 19, 2020

The Neoteric Exalter

Indirect ancestral subjugation
Is eased with recess of temporal liberation
As an answer to the numerous aeolian calls for justice
Resulting in an indirect response to quell those incensed
Juxtaposed in a false dichotomy
Not the aroma the angry
Pick your own poison
As the sacrifice is not supportive
You can help by carrying on a legacy 
Or continuing a mission
Fight to avenge the fallen 
Or never become the next example
Hurting the system hurts the people
Taking pride in the stacking of the dearly departed
Making renditions seem taller 
Finally over the imposed barriers
Created by your own conceited oppressors
The Question: Free since 1863 or still to be determined
Is it more offensive to ask whether my life matters now
Or dying to be symbolic of a cause
In my failed attempt to understand society
I suppose black owned has its definitive flaws
The drunken man’s goal to sobriety
Is more liquor
The only way to correct the system is to recreate it
Do what was done to you for your own
Growth in a horrific cycle
Monuments built on the foundations of false idols
Let me live my best life with less strife
I don’t have the energy 
To accept loss and celebrate the victory