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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Law of Attraction

When considering the concept of the “law of attraction”, I simply reduce it to the exercise of unity progress.  As you find something that peaks your interest, you may start to assimilate in its direction to get nearer.  It could be a natural affinity or be developed and wrought over a span of time.  I feel the initial attraction starts in the mind.  To think of what draws me to something already begins the aforementioned process.  Whether it is thoughts of something you desire or what you want to be more like, you primarily analyze what that thing is first.  You think about what it is that you find so fascinating.  The notion sometimes cannot be explained with words but you know what the feeling is.  You even understand your reaction to it.  It could be a person, an idea or an object.  One then can sense possession of that indescribable quality that you enamor and cannot get enough of.
          What are some of these qualities and how do we experience them every day.  Being a college student, I think one of the first to discuss is the thirst for knowledge.  The idea of college was just magnetic to me when considering options for after high school.  It is something that I always wanted to do.  I was happy to complete applications and even more excited when I started to get responses.  If you were to ask me why was I so jovial about this process, I could tell you that I felt it was the logical next step for me.  If you were to ask me why I thought that was my main option, I am not sure I can answer that with absolute certainty.  One part of me will say that education has been a lifelong process where the completion date is always to be announced.  I do not know if there is ever a point where you could not learn new information about how to be better than you were before.  When we are young children, we are introduced to the conceptions of pre-school and kindergarten.  At that point we are taught to recreate our interpretation of what is being presented and you will be critiqued by authority for it.  You do this repeatedly and the degree of difficulty becomes greater as you age or rather as you succeed.  The ancillary lesson for most students is that acceptance can have many forms but excellence is favored.  Though I was not the best high school student, I wanted to be a graduate at the university level.  Walking across the stage was an accomplishment that I intrinsically craved and felt like I had to do.  A task I had to go through.  That had to be completed as part of defining who I am and who I wanted to be. 
          Another habit that I appear to be obsessive about is writing.  As of late, this can specifically apply to manufacturing essays for scholarship entries.  Like many college students, I could use the additional help with affording college.  It is an added bonus that I really relish the opportunities to express myself through writing.  One viewpoint of it is that someone actually values your perspective and requests insights into.  Another vantage point is the rare chance to generate the new wave of thought that others would begin to adopt.  In a world of billions of individuals and the advancements seen in communications, the probability of finding like-minded people has become ubiquitous.    The converse side, however, means the ability to conjure an inclination that can penetrate the mainstream and comes to be pervasive is definitively extraordinary.  Writing is one of the most common talents that we can share as a society.  When one is able to impress through an apparent skill that is not readily seen in others proclaims a sense of separation from what is considered normal.  It’s received by the reader as an accepted invitation to what you have to say.  Then you can captivate an audience not only by what is said but by how it is articulated. 
          The two examples discussed were of different outlooks per se.  The excitement for education, college especially, is one of introversion.  There was a goal to enhance myself and be gratified by what I have done.  The system of education is principally self-propelled for every student involved to their own satisfaction.  The line of progression could be based on your capabilities and comprehension of previous material.  The challenge of gaining advancement and approval has its own sort of allure for whoever seeks such effects.  Writing to garner the admiration of others would seemingly be an extroverted stance.  When there is a piece of writing that is truly brilliant and refreshing, the demand for others to have access to it and experience it will arise.  There will be a reason to share what you have read.  The author becomes the proverbial hot commodity.  Not only will the transformative opus be celebrated but the following composition will be on the list of many to get a copy of.  The heights of written work starts from the writer’s mind and get embraced as what’s been missing from the lives of countless readers.  Whether it is being an excellent student or becoming an exceptional writer, both could be tales of a manifest destiny for a person and both can make that person a lodestone for anyone who values those achievements.

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