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Friday, October 16, 2015

Being An Entrepreneur

    The concept of ownership is very critical to any business endeavor.  Ownership can determine the mission, direction and approach of an organization through leadership that may be replicated in every aspect of the business.  Having a fixed leader can have an effect on hiring practices, corporate culture and workplace mentality.  The structure begins from the chief executive or chairperson and it partially reverberates to the executive board, upper management then regular employees in addition to the consumer and investor markets.  The very essence of the business can be channeled from who is in charge to run it.  Ownership and leadership may very well be the most influential component to any identifiable commodity, corporation or otherwise.  Now let me go into detail about how you can build your entire company in the image of its head.
Imagine having a business of your own.  You are able to obtain a trademark for an original name of your concoction.  There is a process to purchase land and build a location as you wish.  Then you can acquire property and assets that you feel are in the best interest of your business setting.  Next you hire personnel that can help your organizational growth and represent it as their own.  The pattern being established is everything comes by way of your approval.  It is more than your fingerprint being placed in the molding of a corporation.  You are beginning from nothing but your ambitions and desires.  That initial dream you had is coming to fruition through hard work and effort.  That type of thought process and strategy are implicitly contained in the invention of the business.
You can continue to raise the metaphorical brainchild with the people you choose to introduce it to.  The hope that everyone who works for a business has its best interest in mind is the trustworthy philosophy of an optimistic owner.  This would be seen through by adding people to the roster that want to see the business flourish and reach its pinnacle just like the owner.  You should not want to sabotage your company as an employee.  From this perspective, you may not get the most talented people or the ones with great experience.  However, you may get the chance to see people who feel as if they have as much or more invested in making this venture a realized triumph as long as they are a part of it.  Employment can mean committing yourself to your workplace for income and prosperity.  That can be a mindset as valuable as any asset you could purchase or skill you can attain. 
The culture can be a direct function of the person in control.  Whether the leader is seen as a volatile risk taker who moves at warp speed or a very conservative, sensible and methodical human being, it is possible to view the organization in the same light.  This can fall to either extreme of being faulty or virtuous from the outside looking in but there is reason to believe that the owner would not have it any other way.  To create an organization yourself is also constructing your identity as you are going to be associated with it using firsthand respects.  You can principally manufacture the perception that others have as if it were a product.  This has led to people being celebrated for corporate accomplishments. While others have been scoured and removed for mitigating disasters.  The empirical influence that one has can affect the business in more ways than are conceivable to my mind at the moment.  
Consider a physical body.  What you see with your eyes or hear with your ears can determine the direction you move in and what you consume with your mouth can produce how the rest of your anatomy feels and reacts.  This is the picture I am trying to paint for how important owning or being the head of something is.  I will take the stance of the top-down style of leadership is more effective and conducive to this topic.  It greatly decides what the business will do, who will be incorporated and how others will see it.  If that is not an integral component and the epitome of building a great company then maybe my head was in the wrong place when writing this paper.  And that will be an oversight that I guess I have to own up to.

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