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The Inherent Rationale Of Perception

Perception is one of the most important factors affecting our day to day lives as human beings.  I believe it is one of the most underrate...


Dream List

These are a few goals I want to reach within my time on this earth that God grants. My list is a work in progress and some items are subject to change. Please Read! Please Support! Please Help!

Presidential Medal of Freedom

Congressional Gold Medal

Nobel Peace Prize

Nobel Prize in Literature

ACM Turing Award

Pulitzer Prize

Carnegie Medal

Elie Wiesel Award

Neustadt International Prize for Literature

Presidential Citizens Medal

Ambassador of Conscience

Maryland Meritorious Civilian Service Medal

Outstanding Georgia Citizen Award

Appointed the Honor of Knight Grand Cross

Endorsement Deals from Alphabet, Apple, Microsoft, Avia, Audi, Bank of America, PadSplit, ExxonMobil, Montblanc, Arby's, Coca-Cola, Amazon, PayPal, Mint Mobile, Cox Enterprises, Kiton, Lyft, Avis, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, Mars, New Era, Wal-Mart, Graff Diamonds, Planet Fitness, Netflix, DoorDash, Lenovo, BitCoin, Quest Nutrition, Proctor & Gamble, Unilever, Oracle, United, NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, NCAA and Education

Perform Commencement Speeches for High School and College Graduates

Receive Honorary Doctorates from World Renown Academic Institutions

Cover of Time Magazine

Cover of Forbes Magazine

Cover of People Magazine

Cover of Fortune Magazine

Cover of Education Week

Light Final Olympic Torch

Become one of the most decorated, most wealthy, most handsome, most respected and most loved humans in all of history!

Feel Loved!

Be blessed and enjoy life!

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