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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Leadership and Gender Response

I learned that gender is still an issue in our world as we speak.  I have received the impression that women, as a majority, write to address women in a similar circumstance and men do the same for their own.  Even as leadership is discussed, we do it from different perspectives which also suggest that there are different approaches.  Two of the readings for this assignment were about how females can be a boss without being seen in a negative light and for how males can stand firmly on their ground with a military mindset.  The main lesson that I continue to learn is everyone who sees themselves as a leader has the aptitude to reteach how they feel they achieved that status.  There are several possibilities to define yourself as leader and even more ways to define success for what you feel the term means.

Also learned about becoming a true leader, you have to find your individual route or make one if you can.  There are many steps to accomplish almost anything you want to do in this world.  If you can research a subject then its fair to say that someone else has done it to a level that is worthy of paying attention to.  As you read about it, realize that you might not have attempted this yourself but you can improve on the accomplishment.  You can either subsequently replicate their method or you can create your own path to your personal dreams.  There are few people, if any, that can know you better than you know yourself.  The guest speakers we had talked about the routes they took for their current career paths.  One was redirected in the middle of the process then found the destination and another decided where they wanted to be and pursued that particular avenue from nearly the beginning.  Both were able to decide what they felt was best for themselves through experience which is a tough lesson to learn.  Even as you face trials and tribulations, there are always alternatives for you to acclimate to as you reach the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow.

My leadership style is less defined by gender as it is by personality and character.  I am able to lead myself but if anyone else believes in me or my style and follows is not really up to my discretion.  Personally it is to be viewed as influential more than as direct guidance.  To state it simply, I try to do what is best for me without hurting or confronting many other people.  There are suggestive inklings of what and how I think in many of the writings and presentations we have been exposed to this semester in addition to the reasoning which plays its role as well.  I would say that I am a compilation of what was prior but I held some of the views expressed before I seen it in others.  One characteristic that I feel leaders possess is the ability to amend their surrounding with their presence.  A leader can have a true impact if they can improve their environment by introducing themselves into the mix instead of plainly blending in with what is customary to merely find a place that fits.  Aside from specifying my message, I can find a few similarities in myself and the various contributors.