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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Earthborn Water Balance

When the world is in dire need
There is always so much to see
Complications from the misuse of fertile land
Puts the heroes hand in high demand
But which ones for which cause
Mirror the reflections of immense faux pas
When free speech promotes anger
And bearing arms leads to violence
The choices of the past are irrevocably challenged
Using sliding markers
To only push the endlines out farther
If the infernal struggles docks our people at heaven's gate
Then we no longer view the transition as a mistake
However when better days are out of reach
Rethink the principles of practicing what you preach
We talking about practice
Problems are closer than they appear
When the route is already known
Flesh, Tendons, Muscles, Cartilage, Bones and Marrow
Veins, Organs, Fluids, Impulses and Fuel
Consanguineous components
Directed by souls that clash
Mindset sets that runs
With whose rights are wrong
Mixed with who has won
In modern times
Can we be fair to all people
Each sequel enables a new group to grow
Show and prove
Duel with the previous procedures and laws
For seizure of new generation of what you think is better for your own
But how are you different to wage disputes after the gift the present was given
As separation is inundated for opposition to discuss reparations
Combatants win support
All sides gain strength
Collusion allows the gestation of notoriety followed by interest and entertainment
A never ending story without restraint with consignment