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Things I Would Like To Happen Soon

For all those who believe in speaking ideas into existence and prayer in the universe will return to a person.  I simply want to write a lis...

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Just In Case

Believable only to the subconscience mind
Are allies for a common bond
Brought in by the rhyme
In streaks that will be aligned
Eventually with friendship for a cause
Ominating through genuine good spirits
Breaches the informality of assumption
Out of sheer presentation
Tabulated as a sincere gesture
Entered for your review
To make it even better for you
To see my intent 
Even in smaller print

The Everlasting Decisions From A Moment In Time

The actions I take in any solitary moment of existence will have immoderate ramifications that sprout for days, weeks, months, years and generations from the time it has befallen.  The series of aftereffects are usually not predictable without supreme control of the situation.  Personally control over myself is completely comprehensible but over others not so much.  When the revelation of that pretext becomes fact instead of theory, it may no longer be a surprise to the originator from both viewpoints.  When generalizing the concept, it is primarily evident in the instances of childbirth or politics.  The obvious process of conception to the term of pregnancy and delivery to the forming of a person.  Shaping what the child interacts with and how they form into an adult can be a direct reflection of the breeding of the parent.  However there will also be the discovery of individualism where they embrace newness and uncharted territory as a consequence of life.  The second things are encountered that they were not privy to, freedom is only option on how to move forward.  That freedom is more valuable than they know.  Then depending on the reaction, there can be repetition of the desired outcome or a lesson learned as a mistake with contemplation of alternatives to propose.  This leads to behavioral patterns and character development that is encapsulated in the molding of their personality from that moment on.
Skipping ahead a few years from those choices can produce a career path for the individual.  Evolution can enable a leader of some capacity or proportion.  With people of power, there is a very fine line of how the ordinance of their statements manifest.  Once a person speaks ideas into existence there could be an immediate following that takes place to meet an end goal.  Meaning colleagues and subordinates may begin trying to complete the request through a motivated sequence of actions.  Another perspective of that is to make the person prophetic as a divine will is decreed.  Where no one told finishes what was started but something happens.  It is more than putting word into motion, it is actually an unforeseeable circumstance which turns to reality for many.  When successful, the optimism allows for either to be celebrated because the leader is proven as exactly that.  And whether through brute force, persuasion or the indescribable sublime the job is accomplished by means witnessed by many who awaited the conclusion.  The chain reaction alone can be something of awe to behold.
I suppose at this point the moral of the story is all subsequent steps after origin are linear though the final line may never truly be in sight.

Thursday, July 06, 2017

The Artistic Ulterior

Bring into focus
Remembering what you felt was true
Instead of creating the falsehood of
Another reality
Negating the imagination for
Actuation of desire
Requesting a moment of time
Enables the proceedings to proceed
Naturally for the
Enthusiasm encapsualted in
On the other side of the proverbial coin
Brings into focus the
Idea of what it means to be an
Obcordate mate in a balanced
Kingdom where
Ufology is less likely than
Opening new eyes as the sun rise to share a
Breath in the same space
Occulted treaties make less sense
Than the held hand of what was written
Eclipse by a duplicate
Troubled to
Tell on your own