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For all those who believe in speaking ideas into existence and prayer in the universe will return to a person.  I simply want to write a lis...

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Leadership and Gender Response

I learned that gender is still an issue in our world as we speak.  I have received the impression that women, as a majority, write to address women in a similar circumstance and men do the same for their own.  Even as leadership is discussed, we do it from different perspectives which also suggest that there are different approaches.  Two of the readings for this assignment were about how females can be a boss without being seen in a negative light and for how males can stand firmly on their ground with a military mindset.  The main lesson that I continue to learn is everyone who sees themselves as a leader has the aptitude to reteach how they feel they achieved that status.  There are several possibilities to define yourself as leader and even more ways to define success for what you feel the term means.

Also learned about becoming a true leader, you have to find your individual route or make one if you can.  There are many steps to accomplish almost anything you want to do in this world.  If you can research a subject then its fair to say that someone else has done it to a level that is worthy of paying attention to.  As you read about it, realize that you might not have attempted this yourself but you can improve on the accomplishment.  You can either subsequently replicate their method or you can create your own path to your personal dreams.  There are few people, if any, that can know you better than you know yourself.  The guest speakers we had talked about the routes they took for their current career paths.  One was redirected in the middle of the process then found the destination and another decided where they wanted to be and pursued that particular avenue from nearly the beginning.  Both were able to decide what they felt was best for themselves through experience which is a tough lesson to learn.  Even as you face trials and tribulations, there are always alternatives for you to acclimate to as you reach the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow.

My leadership style is less defined by gender as it is by personality and character.  I am able to lead myself but if anyone else believes in me or my style and follows is not really up to my discretion.  Personally it is to be viewed as influential more than as direct guidance.  To state it simply, I try to do what is best for me without hurting or confronting many other people.  There are suggestive inklings of what and how I think in many of the writings and presentations we have been exposed to this semester in addition to the reasoning which plays its role as well.  I would say that I am a compilation of what was prior but I held some of the views expressed before I seen it in others.  One characteristic that I feel leaders possess is the ability to amend their surrounding with their presence.  A leader can have a true impact if they can improve their environment by introducing themselves into the mix instead of plainly blending in with what is customary to merely find a place that fits.  Aside from specifying my message, I can find a few similarities in myself and the various contributors.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Lithesome Scribble

Respect the achievements that were placed before you
Accomplish similar goals to celebrate too
Identify the strength of a positive life
Seeing fully by the beautiful rite
Meet the image in the mirror
As feelings become mutual and familiar
Notice the notice left for us
On your route to love her halfway
Believe what you saw with your eyes and heard her say
Order of precedent has been established
The challenge is finding the proper balances
Experience at the highest level only speaks for itself
Therefore you still have to explain yourself
The world expects so much more
Even though she ultimately has the floor

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Prerequisite Benevolence

Back on penning melodic rhymes
Took the time to find the time
And the spine
To return to my seat
Dreams of a better world 
Means I'd ask for your advice
Purl of skirl with date and time
I think yours is better than mine
Minus the pain
Believe in something much greater than yourself
Trade the wisdom in loo of
Zaddik like burka
Is it worth a second to attain
The missing line
Lets actually learn
If response is earned
Then what is discussion 
Ideas exchanged without interruption
Uniformity breeds conformity
So where is the anomaly
Someone's philosophy touches the masses
New strategies can help gain wealth
Outdesign the orientation 
And build more structures to work upon itself
Classes for thought patterns
Busy with making decisions
What was written in the beginning
Draws comparisons to latter men
Spoke volumes

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Earthborn Water Balance

When the world is in dire need
There is always so much to see
Complications from the misuse of fertile land
Puts the heroes hand in high demand
But which ones for which cause
Mirror the reflections of immense faux pas
When free speech promotes anger
And bearing arms leads to violence
The choices of the past are irrevocably challenged
Using sliding markers
To only push the endlines out farther
If the infernal struggles docks our people at heaven's gate
Then we no longer view the transition as a mistake
However when better days are out of reach
Rethink the principles of practicing what you preach
We talking about practice
Problems are closer than they appear
When the route is already known
Flesh, Tendons, Muscles, Cartilage, Bones and Marrow
Veins, Organs, Fluids, Impulses and Fuel
Consanguineous components
Directed by souls that clash
Mindset sets that runs
With whose rights are wrong
Mixed with who has won
In modern times
Can we be fair to all people
Each sequel enables a new group to grow
Show and prove
Duel with the previous procedures and laws
For seizure of new generation of what you think is better for your own
But how are you different to wage disputes after the gift the present was given
As separation is inundated for opposition to discuss reparations
Combatants win support
All sides gain strength
Collusion allows the gestation of notoriety followed by interest and entertainment
A never ending story without restraint with consignment

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Just In Case

Believable only to the subconscience mind
Are allies for a common bond
Brought in by the rhyme
In streaks that will be aligned
Eventually with friendship for a cause
Ominating through genuine good spirits
Breaches the informality of assumption
Out of sheer presentation
Tabulated as a sincere gesture
Entered for your review
To make it even better for you
To see my intent 
Even in smaller print

The Everlasting Decisions From A Moment In Time

The actions I take in any solitary moment of existence will have immoderate ramifications that sprout for days, weeks, months, years and generations from the time it has befallen.  The series of aftereffects are usually not predictable without supreme control of the situation.  Personally control over myself is completely comprehensible but over others not so much.  When the revelation of that pretext becomes fact instead of theory, it may no longer be a surprise to the originator from both viewpoints.  When generalizing the concept, it is primarily evident in the instances of childbirth or politics.  The obvious process of conception to the term of pregnancy and delivery to the forming of a person.  Shaping what the child interacts with and how they form into an adult can be a direct reflection of the breeding of the parent.  However there will also be the discovery of individualism where they embrace newness and uncharted territory as a consequence of life.  The second things are encountered that they were not privy to, freedom is only option on how to move forward.  That freedom is more valuable than they know.  Then depending on the reaction, there can be repetition of the desired outcome or a lesson learned as a mistake with contemplation of alternatives to propose.  This leads to behavioral patterns and character development that is encapsulated in the molding of their personality from that moment on.
Skipping ahead a few years from those choices can produce a career path for the individual.  Evolution can enable a leader of some capacity or proportion.  With people of power, there is a very fine line of how the ordinance of their statements manifest.  Once a person speaks ideas into existence there could be an immediate following that takes place to meet an end goal.  Meaning colleagues and subordinates may begin trying to complete the request through a motivated sequence of actions.  Another perspective of that is to make the person prophetic as a divine will is decreed.  Where no one told finishes what was started but something happens.  It is more than putting word into motion, it is actually an unforeseeable circumstance which turns to reality for many.  When successful, the optimism allows for either to be celebrated because the leader is proven as exactly that.  And whether through brute force, persuasion or the indescribable sublime the job is accomplished by means witnessed by many who awaited the conclusion.  The chain reaction alone can be something of awe to behold.
I suppose at this point the moral of the story is all subsequent steps after origin are linear though the final line may never truly be in sight.

Thursday, July 06, 2017

The Artistic Ulterior

Bring into focus
Remembering what you felt was true
Instead of creating the falsehood of
Another reality
Negating the imagination for
Actuation of desire
Requesting a moment of time
Enables the proceedings to proceed
Naturally for the
Enthusiasm encapsualted in
On the other side of the proverbial coin
Brings into focus the
Idea of what it means to be an
Obcordate mate in a balanced
Kingdom where
Ufology is less likely than
Opening new eyes as the sun rise to share a
Breath in the same space
Occulted treaties make less sense
Than the held hand of what was written
Eclipse by a duplicate
Troubled to
Tell on your own

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Generate Our Own Deeds

Maturing the globe
At your decided pace
Leads to an advanced equilibrium
Addressed to a relied upon place
Listed as a discovered home
Against the feared syndrome
Occurring in latter parts of the morning
Begins the subtle luring
Intrigued by the mystery
Of whats possible within
Kindred lineage
United in a different race

Monday, June 05, 2017

Natural For A Second

I see
Reality for what
You would prefer me to
Now after all the
Attempts at
Implementing hints of suggestion
Varied in
Actual results letting
Neutrality become
Overlooked by
Voices winning over the
Only with words that
In your eyes
On a note that is
Key to
Occasionally connubially
Bosomed with no
Offense meant or
Taken making
Everything seem as it is
To be or not
To be is a vailing
Enriching question

Monday, May 29, 2017

Woman's Poem

Do you really believe
Everybody has a place
And time to express themselves for
Not only necessity but also for
Installing the
Imagery of what could be the next
Cast or
That gets your attention with
That sort of magical
By the way
I listen
Obvious part of the transition
Keep up with tradition
Or overt minimalist
Banking on assumptions
Ousting true dialogue
Takes a face to face
Even further than you
Think, thought or dreamed
Tailors mends the seams
Efficacy of creditable eligibility

Sunday, May 21, 2017


Let her have her way
As if you had a choice
Use patience with wisdom to
Release your voice
Enable the listener to listen
Narrate your own position
Obscene persistence really
Begets resistance
Induce relaxing patterns
Over the maturing bands of Saturn
Kaput are abstracts of anger
Using wisdom and patience as the anchor

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Open For Reading

Actually take your time to
Become the imaginable
Image that
Grew into
Another humane
Individual that re
Lates to what your trying to say
Rightfully or wrongfully
Attach respectful harmony
To the premise
Catered and revealed as
Hermetically sealed in a
Futhorc like entry
Only with much less mystery
Over the
Black and white print
It is written on the
One and only
Kool aid chooses not to be the pond
Use another piece available
On the matches
Board since there are so many
Out here to pick
Truth be told its tetradic
Even if strategic
That’s no longer a secret
Take it for what you will
Earn a post and chill

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

I See You Too

Aware of

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Partly Adjusted

Dating my own suspicious mental
Earns the title of aboriginal
Making the time wayward
Innovating this moment to be barer
Oily substance preserves the youth
Barring the print is mute
Irony meets the absolute
Only proof faces the wetsuit
Kept it blue
Using you

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Divergence From Intellect

The orator of foresters
Following what always seems to be just out of arm’s reach
Discloses the valuable moral of ideals one cannot teach
As the world turns
With centrifugal force
Exposes a new perspective
For what is now conceivable from closed doors
Reveals there is still more
More of what you want and what you don’t
But that will only make sense as soon as it wont
Confused yet
Sometimes a good laugh keeps me from crying
Coincidentally the truth prevents me from lying
Whose truth can be a problem
Since another’s story is not mine to tell
Even silence can pull water from a well
Temperatures read from sundry scales
Produces nonidentical numbers
In a room that feels the same
Planning must be to blame
Construct the tuning fork
Action indulges work

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Heard The Herd

What to say
What to say
What to say
When thinking to myself
Sometimes that is how I pray
Not certain about with others
How this will play
Appreciative for everyone who has visited so far
Hoping this attempt can render turning a profit
Logistics aside
Only I cannot be the one to determine if this is inapposite
Struggling for mass appeal
Will satisfy a privileged few
So for all those in attendance
Please regard the honor as due
Forfeit the mendacious scheme
For the aesthetics of an prideful sheen
As what was once furtive
Can be converted to something curative
When choosing purity combined with surety
Delivers the guarantee of merciful charity
Where the rarity of kindness
Becomes the scarcity of shyness
Invoke the touch of Midas
To revoke the rust of my crutch
Utter faith in humanity
Using held hands for amnesty
As an international resource
With only this humble discourse

Friday, February 03, 2017

More About You

Needing to know how
Equality feels from
Someone who supposedly never
Had it
Eventually only praise
Love and kind sentiments are leaped in from your
Exemplary and vast
Establishing the consistency of a successful endeavor
Only to realize that it is not really for you
But remain positive and hopeful
It is just not your time yet
Keeping pressing on and keep moving
Up in the world my friend
Our patience can be thin
Before tempers become short
Obstacles obstructed
Tied to one self for an
Eternity of adulation and reciprocity
Takes more than words and more
Than dedication as 4118 plus this maybe
Enough to see you smile again

Thursday, January 26, 2017

From Inner Battle To Recovery

To talk about overcoming the demons of emotion for a return to recovery is the topic of this entry.  Now usually recovering of this magnitude is associated with drug addiction of some sort where use, overuse and mending is part of the process.  However there is another domain I would like to take this to.  Depression and anxiety has its realm in this sort of motif too.  Mental and emotional destruction of coping with doubt, fear and significance is a battle that individuals have had to face at different stages of their lives.  It can be very short-lived or extended for exceedingly lengthy periods of time.  The term is almost certainly associated with the cause and solution.  Personally, my foibles are ushered in from acceptance and being good enough.  Both have societal and social denotations brought about from them.  Though they are very closely related, there is an infinitesimal difference that I will provide detail on a little later.  Acceptance or lack thereof was conveyed by a castaway effect created by those around me.  For most of my life I never really fit in with my peers.  The reasons were numerous and honestly valid.  So part of the problem was I could not complain and say they were wrong, I simply had to find a way to correct the issue.  But the feeling of having to change for people to like me made the issue more difficult to handle.  You might hear people say things like be cool and be yourself but I was being told I did not have the same option.  It facilitated sorrow but nothing more.  Being good enough is less about what people thought of me and more about how I represented myself.  Grades in school played a direct factor but at some point I did not want to earn high grades.  I wanted to just learn the material and not perform as requested by my instructors.  The proverbial experiment was to see if people would even care if my grades did not reflect my capabilities.  How could I display that though?  So maybe my premise was misguided from the beginning and I continued toward a predictable ending.  Failure.  It is not easy to tell from the writing but the time span of these topics flipped and was never simultaneous.  In my younger years, I was perceived as smart but not likable.  Then much later I gained some notoriety but nobody suspected I was the sharpest tool in the shed.  Then I developed the mindset that instants are simply that.  Words, encounters and feelings are all temporary.  The only thing that has longevity and is permanent in my life is myself.  The remedy, in my mind, was merely to spend every day in the eye of the storm and wait for the moments to pass.  Before it I am Obioku, after it I am Obioku and whatever title is assigned in between was basically earned or given.  But the value of the moniker was expressive more for the provider rather than the receiver.  The resolution, itself, left me kind of cold and emotionless.  Never any high points or low points.  That is another course of correction I had to implement.  Enjoying the smiles and understanding the cries is a normal part of life.  We live in a world where you can always establish the standard of what and who you should be.  It is healthy to have an optimistic attitude and project a positive image of yourself.  I am still working towards that now but it is part of the ongoing process of my road to recovery.  

Friday, January 20, 2017

Goodlook Obliged

Got another lesson to learn
Its mainly about having patience in times of yearn
See the contemplation of now and next
Earn the foresight of each effect
Lead with an enhanced form of thought
Let the moment elapse before we begin to talk
Even I can respond too early
Over something generally cede
Behind a modestly humble
Interpretation of an inner playful rumble
On who is really initiating
Using the old ways of tolerating

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Emblematic Enrollment

Matriculating to be a freeman
Of the worldwide web
Nominally renowned
Titular name barely recognizable
Superstar replica
Ends as the sun rays shine
Another morn originates
To flush out the old
Picket at the baseline
3-2 count ensures
This one is hit or miss
As you inspect
The scribes made from wrist
Criticism, scrutiny, default
Only appertain once spawned
Only aspiration was to fawn
Fulfill the role prescribed
Triage to the reaction
Gambol on passion