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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Heard The Herd

What to say
What to say
What to say
When thinking to myself
Sometimes that is how I pray
Not certain about with others
How this will play
Appreciative for everyone who has visited so far
Hoping this attempt can render turning a profit
Logistics aside
Only I cannot be the one to determine if this is inapposite
Struggling for mass appeal
Will satisfy a privileged few
So for all those in attendance
Please regard the honor as due
Forfeit the mendacious scheme
For the aesthetics of an prideful sheen
As what was once furtive
Can be converted to something curative
When choosing purity combined with surety
Delivers the guarantee of merciful charity
Where the rarity of kindness
Becomes the scarcity of shyness
Invoke the touch of Midas
To revoke the rust of my crutch
Utter faith in humanity
Using held hands for amnesty
As an international resource
With only this humble discourse

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