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For all those who believe in speaking ideas into existence and prayer in the universe will return to a person.  I simply want to write a lis...

Saturday, March 21, 2020

For The Ponderousness Of Numismatics

In the midst of the global pandemic
Possibly prevented by common hygienics
Creates a tantamount breeding ground of the inverse
Naysaying carriers
Mixed with false-positive worriers
It stirs officials and experts to produce new demographics
Labeled as infected, non-infected and once infected
Just three terms for the world at large
The vulnerable and the shielded crossed
The ignorant and the informed collided with this
I could lose this site
That's really sad
I could lose my life
That's really sad too
I could lose my wife
That's really sad that I haven't earned one yet
Sidenote ~ So many females and seemingly none for me
As the maturing manifesto
Has its crescendo's arch bending up high 'pon skies
A grand shadow is cast on all below
And I have to discover away
To face the next day
Sunrays immersed in the credo that all will be better eventually
It cannot always possess this density
Intensely fearing its presence while feeling the impact
In a message that's loud and clear
Money is the root of all necessity
Once martyred to live/die by thyne word
Are these now past or present
Which holds more credit
Superheroes, Romance and the like
The simplest smile can happen for a myriad of complex reasons
If only the scenery could change with a very good pre-season
Waiting to revive yesterday
Never allowed me to witness tomorrow
Albeit this value was yet to be determined

Saturday, March 07, 2020

YouVersion Bible App Prayer

Dear God,
I need help...
Finding my proper place in the world. I have begged to become a productive member of active society to gain respect, admiration and wealth for myself but those thoughts have fallen upon deaf and sometimes taunting ears or eyes. I am still learning the best ways to pray and live the best life secured for me by God through Christ. I need help with my website gaining more dedicated visitors to generate income. I need help with gaining employment with an organization who believes my talents are valuable. I need help reaching each achievement of my Dream List. I need help restoring my health and fitness to above average levels. I need help with God letting me know my prayers are worthy of being answered and fulfilled. Lastly please help me to be the ultimate version of Obioku Obotette that I have ever dreamt or imagined possible. Thank you very much for the opportunity as always and know that I love you forever. In Jesus name I say, Amen.