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Things I Would Like To Happen Soon

For all those who believe in speaking ideas into existence and prayer in the universe will return to a person.  I simply want to write a lis...

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Resuscitation Of...

With proverbial brush in hand
Stranded are an array of colors in palette
Artistic strokes are not my type
As the secret ballot is cast to create a better picture
My vision is blinded by my own literature
If my last words of any memorable context
Were to shun the ills of a perverse society in text
I recant the opportunity of allowing it the reverberate permanently sans interference
So the reappearance of brighter allusion
Enables a newer sense of confusion
Without the help of prediction or military clocks
A fresher perspective reveals
Blended lights mixed effortlessly with the subtle shade
Simple symmetry of imagery creates an epiphany that
The gamble of whether dawn or dusk is approaching
Was yet to be paid
Its just nature at its finest
Encased in utter captivity at its shiest
If what was will forever be
Then the only way forward is

Friday, October 09, 2020

Systemic Dissensus

Can you hear the laughter 
Can you see the smiles
The high fives, handshakes, cheers and celebrations
The world’s constant joke is Obioku loses again
Continue to follow and replay the past
I will have nothing to add
I get it
Why don’t I just cry 
Why don’t I just quit
Why don’t I just... 
Let’s not cause alarm 
It’s entertainment for the audience 
Let’s not bring more attention to a failed system
Demoralized and beaten 
To raise the hand of new champion
The best I could ever ask for is more humiliation
Keep talking about the similarities 
Keep focus on the context
Keep drawing the parallels
This is the new society
New America and new world
Phones tapped
Watched at all times
Reality tv enjoys the suffering
People love the pain
Revel in the degradation 
Well if that’s true
I don’t want it

Monday, August 03, 2020

Rumination of Supremacy

As practice is to make efforts perfect
Inactivity must also have inherent errors
Since suppressive thoughts 
Have to be expressed to more than mirrors
Constantly promoting the positive sense of self
Can have a bit of desperation
But the tiniest semblance of doubt
Will be endlessly magistrated as necessary to hear
Confused moments can be offered silence to bide time
Because it is better than conveyance of weakness
So here is a statement of eliteness
I will surpass most and am meritorious of more
Soon to spread my metaphorical wings and soar
Upon some of the highest heights ever
Clever, yes but 
How many interpret
How many will support
How many will condemn
The message alone cannot bless
Till the word becomes flesh
So scientifically 
There will also be 
The associated hue and sex
Whether in my favor or not
This is not easy to spot
Even loving all, humanely not romantically
In deference to commonality and equality
Does not require preference
As the inverse assuredly does
Cause I like those who love me
Easily an absolute max in terms of attractive qualities
So let this begin 
The creme de la creme 
With significant and eventful times of my approaching enriched life
As I may meet all the needs to support a happy and very fortunate wife

Friday, July 10, 2020

Directed Towards Acceptance

Finally experiencing positive momentum but it is not in the direction I intended.  A tumultuous question is presented at the crossroads. Though it is not what I prayed for, is it honorable to still be optimistic?  As a religious man, I ask myself is this God’s intervention to stimulate rectitude and correct my course to a better righteous path with a more promising ending.  Were my previous wishes to become a high ranking executive with immense wealth and awards too early, too insulting and lofty enough to require some humbling? Or is it that I was not braggadocious to overstate and inflate accomplishments and responsibilities to incite the need for advancement? Saddened by falling short of what I felt was truly possible to pursue dreams but hopeful that the newly opened door can help me sustain myself.  The pursuit of the historical forever becomes the ability of making it to the next 24 hours living check to check.  I am upset yet trying to recalibrate in finding the nowness of proper perspective.  As the meek is to inherit the earth so shall the arrogant receive all they claim to be is theirs.  The boastful is more appropriate for this world because the understated leaves too much of its entirety in limbo as assumptions may not be worth the research to know more than what is provided directly.  So the moral of the story of this brief entry is to try to tell all and tell more than necessary proudly, loudly and boldly because whatever is not mentioned is transformed to the fraternal emptiness of everlasting nothing due to only be taken for granted. 

Friday, June 19, 2020

The Neoteric Exalter

Indirect ancestral subjugation
Is eased with recess of temporal liberation
As an answer to the numerous aeolian calls for justice
Resulting in an indirect response to quell those incensed
Juxtaposed in a false dichotomy
Not the aroma the angry
Pick your own poison
As the sacrifice is not supportive
You can help by carrying on a legacy 
Or continuing a mission
Fight to avenge the fallen 
Or never become the next example
Hurting the system hurts the people
Taking pride in the stacking of the dearly departed
Making renditions seem taller 
Finally over the imposed barriers
Created by your own conceited oppressors
The Question: Free since 1863 or still to be determined
Is it more offensive to ask whether my life matters now
Or dying to be symbolic of a cause
In my failed attempt to understand society
I suppose black owned has its definitive flaws
The drunken man’s goal to sobriety
Is more liquor
Teasing the only way to correct the system is to recreate it
Do what was done to you for your own
Growth in a horrific cycle
Monuments built on the foundations of false idols
Let me live my best life with less strife
I don’t have the energy 
To accept loss and celebrate the victory

Monday, June 01, 2020

Where Are We Now?

Ladies and Gentlemen of the world, where are we now? The continued and seemingly endless fight against police brutality and racial injustice has seen the latest rash of incidents cause mass outrage and hysteria. Why? Is this the ultimate breaking point to which there are calls for martial law and war declared in the streets. I sincerely hope not. Really. Is this the stage where the violated turn the other cheek and remain civil as the long arm of the law runs its course. I do not believe this is the solution either. So again with the question and apparent theme, where are we now? I remember when I first heard the term, “F the police”. At that time, it was a symbol of anger for constant harassment in the urban neighborhoods. Police would patrol communities and just scatter large groups wherever they were found. The response to that was less cooperation. The problem with that is innocence was destroyed. People protected their own by not talking to authorities or providing false statements to deter arrests. In the ripen time of gangs, the average outsider could not tell banger from student from drug dealer. The community mocked law enforcement with cars and homes an honest salary would never be able to afford with the definitions of masculinity and coolness falling to them as well. Wow. Again the innocence is lost as we begin to root for the bad guy. It is the forbidden love affair with dark temptation as the rewards of crime become glaringly irresistible. Its all fun and games while we witness the evolution. I remember when there was understandable national outrage and intrigue after a man was beaten by four police officers while being recorded on camera. People were shocked and disgusted as we saw what we thought were the heights of injustice. The epitome of excessive force and brutality were right in front of our eyes. The complaints were heard but this was different. Attacks and violence by uniformed officers were a breaking point. The response of looting and rioting rang out in the streets. People vandalized stores and stole property because they were upset. They were very very mad about what happened to another individual, one of their own, so a price must be paid. What is that price though? Is it the venting of frustration or the means toward a solution for the assaulted party? I think it is much closer to the former but that might only be my opinion. What happens next? More daily disrespect between cops and civilians. Epithets like pig and thug were exchanged at every encounter. People gain just enough leeway to feel they were never in the wrong when confronted by police. It didn’t matter what the speedometer shows, there was not a reason to be stopped when traveling to and fro. Officers loss so much credibility as you can not tell who were the bad guys and who were the good guys anymore. Past violations lead to more reasons to challenge the penalty and resist being taken into custody. Confront the law with your words was the choice on most occasions. Instead of calling the police, more people handled their own issues as fist fights and gunshots were more reliable means of justice to some and celebrated by few. Bad choices or the results of earlier actions that feel compelled to always display the clear separation. That separation was an area of mass incarceration as the law and how it applies to us was being transformed as a retort to the insecurities of all persons involved. Bottom line is it got worse. We heard the cries of how it was only a small amount of drugs, racial profiling and overcharging for misdemeanors but it was hedging on the start of almost zero tolerance policies. The shift showed that law enforcement would have judges and juries assisting if the lines were actually drawn to pick sides. In bold letters, the message was delivered that you could not be a minority and make any mistakes. The era of minorities becoming wealthy through sports, music and movies earning powerful voices that rivaled those of civil rights activists gone by was here. And while they were able to give middle incomes families tons of enjoyment through their battles and accomplishments, it did not stop the injustice or brutality. It continued and when we said stop, it happened more. When we said enough, it happened more. It almost became two groups. Those that glorify criminal behavior and those that oppose but when the glorifiers began to play Robin Hood giving back to the poor, we saw the opposers ready and willingly to play the ever popular bad guy more and more. Again where are we now? Everyone has camera phones now and the first reaction is to pull it out and record as soon as police show up to the scene. At any given moment, every video streaming service is filled with evidence from any town in America with the most recent story that you must see and be aware of. Someone says show leniency and another shouts let me do my job. Sometimes officers are trying to clear a scene making sure there are not more threats while people shout the person they are apprehending did nothing wrong and does not deserve whatever is happening. Its mass confusion that leads to mass panic for an eruption of chaos in short. We say all lives matter and all lives are precious but only fight for a select few, only support a select few, only riot and loot for a select few. If it were any other person who lost their life in the same manner, how many would be ready with the hats, t-shirts and hoodies to wear during the marches? How many would be ready to bash in store windows and burn or bomb buildings to say this man was meaningful in our lives? Yes it was wrong that someone died but the retribution should not be in destroying Target or Gucci. They say two wrongs do not make a right so why act in the same way that we felt was so egregious only seconds earlier. We are not talking an eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth, we are talking about years of frustration on both sides where provoked vindication does not overlap. This loss would seemingly hurt with a greater pain than many others. That is sad as well. This is not to condemn those mourning. In fact I pray for the family and friends of Mr. Floyd. The officers were fired and the one directly responsible will eventually face trial. More maybe if the charges are filed. But do we want more? Do we compare incidents like this to those of harsher crimes and decree more death for those accused of crimes or remain steadfast that this is wrongful death and should happen to no one? Where are we now? Is it harder to be a law abiding citizen or live the lives where it is all good? 

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Loss For Words Love

How do I say Im hurt

Without another feeling the same

Empathy is to shared 

As history is to same

At least my history

Reciprocation ere appreciation

Commons theme running through

Adult body holds childlike emotions 

Leaves the nose wide open

Smelling the sweet aroma

In the forest amongst the trees

I finally see 

With seeds actually sown

The roots do not match the bloom

Do not anticipate foliage

Live the life

And breathe the breaths

The dance steps are only a guide

For the music as it plays

More silence must be the cure

I guess the sexiness and attraction

Cannot always be fairly mutual

The lust dissipates to suggest repulse, disgust

Little boy grow up

Take 1 embrace with 1 conversation

Say no more

Saturday, March 21, 2020

For The Ponderousness Of Numismatics

In the midst of the global pandemic
Possibly prevented by common hygienics
Creates a tantamount breeding ground of the inverse
Naysaying carriers
Mixed with false-positive worriers
It stirs officials and experts to produce new demographics
Labeled as infected, non-infected and once infected
Just three terms for the world at large
The vulnerable and the shielded crossed
The ignorant and the informed collided with this
I could lose this site
That's really sad
I could lose my life
That's really sad too
I could lose my wife
That's really sad that I haven't earned one yet
Sidenote ~ So many females and seemingly none for me
As the maturing manifesto
Has its crescendo's arch bending up high 'pon skies
A grand shadow is cast on all below
And I have to discover away
To face the next day
Sunrays immersed in the credo that all will be better eventually
It cannot always possess this density
Intensely fearing its presence while feeling the impact
In a message that's loud and clear
Money is the root of all necessity
Once martyred to live/die by thyne word
Are these now past or present
Which holds more credit
Superheroes, Romance and the like
The simplest smile can happen for a myriad of complex reasons
If only the scenery could change with a very good pre-season
Waiting to revive yesterday
Never allowed me to witness tomorrow
Albeit this value was yet to be determined

Saturday, March 07, 2020

YouVersion Bible App Prayer

Dear God,
I need help...
Finding my proper place in the world. I have begged to become a productive member of active society to gain respect, admiration and wealth for myself but those thoughts have fallen upon deaf and sometimes taunting ears or eyes. I am still learning the best ways to pray and live the best life secured for me by God through Christ. I need help with my website gaining more dedicated visitors to generate income. I need help with gaining employment with an organization who believes my talents are valuable. I need help reaching each achievement of my Dream List. I need help restoring my health and fitness to above average levels. I need help with God letting me know my prayers are worthy of being answered and fulfilled. Lastly please help me to be the ultimate version of Obioku Obotette that I have ever dreamt or imagined possible. Thank you very much for the opportunity as always and know that I love you forever. In Jesus name I say, Amen.

Friday, February 07, 2020

Contemplating The Declining Negativity

Sorry for the overall delay.  Currently I am in Georgia looking for work again.  I originally wanted this vessel to become my main source of income but it never matured towards fulfillment probably due to the amateurish approach I still have.  Ideally just placing this on the site should generate excitement and more visitors for the new entry. Financial support and word-of-mouth marketing were always my vision for natural growth. However the reality is that I have fallen flat or short for four years. People are reading or becoming aware of the site but each year I am looking for an employer to help me survive. The most recent result was severe depression, change in physical appearance and weight gain. Might be getting bad folks. I wanted to create more love for myself in the world, however I may be wrong about that assumption as well. The next direction will be more poetry to promote critical thinking and more prose as a change of pace to deliver status and emotion. The only problem is I am the only one who believes that should not lead in the unemployment office to explain how my ideas don’t work. Long story short is how could I make it better. If I were to tell everyone in my immediate vicinity to help me make money and expect nothing in return, who would willingly be for that? If I were to select certain people and split the profits, would I really be in a situation that I could enjoy more knowing that no one likes what I am writing but they respond to their close friends asking them to support? I want to build relationships and be the center of this in every aspect but the feasibility of that research was not found to be enabling. I am hurt but not broken. Stumbling yet standing. In the words of a former teacher, “A setback is only a setup for a comeback”. When I first heard that I thought it was brilliant. I hold it in a similar context now but I wish I had the momentum to only propel forward without any glitch or hesitation to hinder the ultimate progress. By this time I envisioned homes, cars and vacations. An avid Republican supporter who shakes hands with President Trump as we define greatness. To this day these are only things I can witness from afar. Way away from the dreams and the goals are tears and scars. Substitute smiles for pain and pride for shame and you have Obioku in the moment. The man of tomorrow may not be the man of today but he is present through the transition with the passage of time might be the summation of it all.