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Saturday, March 07, 2020

YouVersion Bible App Prayer

Dear God,
I need help...
Finding my proper place in the world. I have begged to become a productive member of active society to gain respect, admiration and wealth for myself but those thoughts have fallen upon deaf and sometimes taunting ears or eyes. I am still learning the best ways to pray and live the best life secured for me by God through Christ. I need help with my website gaining more dedicated visitors to generate income. I need help with gaining employment with an organization who believes my talents are valuable. I need help reaching each achievement of my Dream List. I need help restoring my health and fitness to above average levels. I need help with God letting me know my prayers are worthy of being answered and fulfilled. Lastly please help me to be the ultimate version of Obioku Obotette that I have ever dreamt or imagined possible. Thank you very much for the opportunity as always and know that I love you forever. In Jesus name I say, Amen.

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