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The Inherent Rationale Of Perception

Perception is one of the most important factors affecting our day to day lives as human beings.  I believe it is one of the most underrate...


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Monday, September 05, 2016


Quick Question
If I thought of another way to say this
Would you respond the same 
Would you still play with it
Would you let it rattle around in your mind with patience
Or just recite the words with immediate flagrance
Asperse my syllables
Receive residuals
Pick the definitions carefully
If I missed a line in the rhyming pattern
Is it something to mention
Or accepted as a new phase
Turn the page
Urn the cage
Putting together whole lines
Shouldn't sever cold ties
Reasoning behind the simile
Treason defines symmetry
Expand the concept form to consider
Jam the faucet due term thicker
Which is which
Got the signal on the mound
Threw my first pitch
Not in the usual stance
Plan the switch
QB with ten comrades
Wants to move in one direction
While eleven others
In different colors
Fields there is something to be protected
Elected like rejected
Message as accepted