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Saturday, July 30, 2016

I Was Possibly Born Today

Spreading the rumor
Because they might not extirpate any other way
Too much to handle at one time
I’ll numinously age like the finest wine
Using the tempo to expose if I’m clever
Drawing from both sides outside of the whether
Given pigmented skin
Doubles the intentions as predetermined
Heard the thief’s theme and the preacher sermon
Then repent for the contour of what I’m learning
Found it too easy to just be myself
Even diverting to another route remained in stealth
Jokes make them smile
Rage displays the fear
Aggression is mutual
While fondness is partial
At last that’s what I saw
We’ll see how long that can hold on as only true
Nine times out of ten
Name of the game is to let it happen again
But when time’s hard mate
You gotta check for your one move to escape
Provided with sustenance that’s digestible
Till preparing something victual on my own was suitable
And now that’s the usual to me
Susceptible to adapting to the requirements of maturity
Relegated to assistance at the beginning and the end
Banished to reproduce in the intermediate
Just the ways of the world
And the system of life
Bring it back to one
If you dare say it twice
Three’s company
Four-eyes for sightseeing
Give the boy a hand
To be a developed human being
So if I had to assume for seven-up
I might only pick my last
Wondering what was on the up and up
Delivering commandments to follow
Can seem quite hollow
If the perceived model
Does not live up to the bravado
However let me ossify the spotlight
Since we all have our life to live
Yours is yours
Mines is mines
And magnify this day if they were to ever intertwine