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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Supplements For Health

My experience with herbal medicine is a very positive one.  Now admittedly, more often than not, Doctor prescribed medicine is the best way to resolve health issues.  This is not written to condemn modern pharmaceutical drugs.  It will be to provide insight into alternatives for less severe ailments that you might experience from day to day.  Shopping online from sites like Amazon or in person at stores like Vitamin Shoppe and Wal-Mart can deliver very affordable supplements that can improve your overall health. 
                Let’s begin with some of the basics.  Many people cope with various forms of pain.  Everyone from your strongest professional athlete to maybe not-so-in shape person with a desk job where they perform at a computer for eight hours a day.  Mild pain relievers like Aspirin or Tylenol are readily available all over the world.  Extended usage in terms of time or over usage in terms of dosage can lead to more health concerns.  An alternative is ginger.  Ginger is an excellent anti-inflammatory and pain reliever when taken the proper dosage.  It also has anti-microbial properties that can help your immune system fight bacterial, viral and fungal infections.  For individuals like me, it provides immense assistance as my system is very sensitive to aspirin.  When taken low doses I can experience gastrointestinal problems and higher doses will worsen conditions which other ailments will show. 
                Additional supplements like milk thistle, garlic and cinnamon also provide exceptional health benefits.  Milk thistle focuses on the healing and regeneration of the liver.  The liver is essential to the body for fluid circulation, protein synthesis and maybe most importantly detoxifying your body.  Sometimes when feeling ill taking milk thistle gives that magical cooling feeling the gives indication that something is healing.  A healthy liver is mandatory for your anatomy and spirit.  Garlic is similar to ginger in terms of being an anti-microbial agent.  My interaction leads me to believe garlic is stronger.  Also many garlic supplements are in the form of concentrated oil which moisturizes the heart and patches up your arteries.  It helps with acne problems and cholesterol as well.  Cholesterol has its good and bad forms.  Garlic can lower the bad form of LDL by chipping away at it as it passes through your system.  It will also increase the good form of HDL, as previously stated, in improving the condition of damaged arteries.  Cinnamon also has anti-microbial properties.  There are forms of the supplements that are combined with chromium III picolinate.  The combination is very supportive for maintaining blood sugar for diabetics and weight loss.  Counter balancing the sugar in your body is a main function of cinnamon.  Reducing it can increase your metabolism and treat inflammation.  Once your metabolism is sped up then your body can work at peak performance.  The cliché of firing on all cylinders fits in here. 
                Three other supplements I would like to add to this entry is soy lecithin, melatonin and acai berry.  Soy lecithin is a form of protein as a supplement.  With its basis in soy products, it can be primarily for vegans and vegetarians getting a quality source of protein in their diet.  Melatonin is a sleeping aid for whenever you start experiencing restless nights.  Taking can enable a deeper and longer night’s rest.  Acai berry assists in removing stubborn waste from your body.  Additional water and sodium in your body causes bloating and overweight appearance.  Acai berry really helps in “flushing” those substances and other toxins out of your system when taken consistently. 
                I could write about a few more substances but I do not want to be confused with an expert.  I have crossed paths with supplements like goldenseal, pau d’arco and collagen.  Mostly for infections and skin conditions.  But I will not elaborate because maybe a physician or dermatologist can speak about something which can be more effective.  There really is not a middle ground when it comes to health.  Some substances that do not cure will strengthen the disease your battling.  What I discussed was helpful but is not a substitute for your doctor’s advice.  Supplements will provide significant steps towards progress.  And that alone can be worth taken into consideration.   

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