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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Right to Privacy

I value my privacy but I have learned at this point of my life that revealing information has its price.  Privacy is more about simple respect than having something to hide.  Sharing creates the glass door effect that illuminates others to your presence willingly.  Privacy should not be a concept to be violated unlawfully.  It is a right afforded to every United States citizen implicitly by the constitution and specifically with the Privacy Act.  Sadly, the same cannot be confined of every citizen of the world.  This topic can be sequestered into a human right debate when honestly assessing what the government of a country should have access to.  But I will try not to the veer off into to the deep end too much.  Personally for me it is my creative space.  Being left alone to think allows me to focus and put forth my best efforts.  In a group or public setting, I can function in a read and react situation but many times my initial response will not address the underlying crisis or the overriding subsequent steps that surely will follow.  I need significant time with myself to consider a solution to detangle the utmost conceivable possibilities.  So for me, solitude is very important.  Isolation can be a form of self-seclusion for a positive impact.  Loneliness is the negative connotation of privacy that demonstrates a quarantining affect.  However, we also live in a time where people easily waive that right with the advent of social media.  You can find everything from nude pictures to intimate stories on the world web wide.  I guess whatever you like you can find in whatever way you see fit.  Sometimes you can even find out what you do not like.  Privacy is such an issue where individuals can comprehend people get angry from reading what another has written.  Personages can go to someone’s webpage and tell them they are offended with what was seen.  Freedom of speech is only preferred when someone agrees your words are feasible and worth their acceptance.  It’s not about just being yourself anymore.  It is really about appealing to the most people possible.  Like-mindedness can become group thinking given enough time and space. 
                I cannot envision the situation being reversed where forcibly imposing yourself on someone can be beneficial to all parties.  Physical attacks or assaults are common criminal offenses in many regions of the world.  Invasion of privacy in the form of computer hacking and videotaping are real as well.  Cases have been presented in court where information or images were released without the aggrieved party’s appropriate consent.  There are other forms with frequent occurrences but as stated earlier I will try not to make that the center of the discussion.  I suppose it might be a crucial element from a law enforcement perspective.  When a threat is identified, it will have to be intercepted and nullified as soon as possible.  Warrants along with probable cause sparks the negative sort of interest at which your personal space can and most likely will be invaded.  So abiding by the law will procure each of us the safety and security that we enjoy.  While breaking the written law can eventually have your rights revoked is the moral of the story.

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