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Monday, December 28, 2015

Figure of Speech

Learned to breathe underwater
Just to land in the clouds
Design the emperor’s new clothes
So we can address the style
Remember what happens tomorrow
As you invent the past
First to the end
Begins to be last
I close my eyes
To get a better glimpse of my dreams
Let the cold fusion
Train on steam
Jet inside
And manage the perimeter
Sixteen in a mirror
Somehow reflects what’s not familiar
Accustomed to say everything is strange
Listen, only progress is to remain the same
Excited whenever I’m bored
Oppose the difference in one accord
Complete homework in class
The price to be slow is fast
Takeoff in an apterous aeroplane
Alpha of the followers
Individual of my peer group
Keep going to part the infinite loop
Cook up the truth
Then legitimize the fib
Show double negatives
Hide new kids

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