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Thursday, April 30, 2020

Loss For Words Love

How do I say Im hurt

Without another feeling the same

Empathy is to shared 

As history is to same

At least my history

Reciprocation ere appreciation

Commons theme running through

Adult body holds childlike emotions 

Leaves the nose wide open

Smelling the sweet aroma

In the forest amongst the trees

I finally see 

With seeds actually sown

The roots do not match the bloom

Do not anticipate foliage

Live the life

And breathe the breaths

The dance steps are only a guide

For the music as it plays

More silence must be the cure

I guess the sexiness and attraction

Cannot always be fairly mutual

The lust dissipates to suggest repulse, disgust

Little boy grow up

Take 1 embrace with 1 conversation

Say no more

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