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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Divergence From Intellect

The orator of foresters
Following what always seems to be just out of arm’s reach
Discloses the valuable moral of ideals one cannot teach
As the world turns
With centrifugal force
Exposes a new perspective
For what is now conceivable from closed doors
Reveals there is still more
More of what you want and what you don’t
But that will only make sense as soon as it wont
Confused yet
Sometimes a good laugh keeps me from crying
Coincidentally the truth prevents me from lying
Whose truth can be a problem
Since another’s story is not mine to tell
Even silence can pull water from a well
Temperatures read from sundry scales
Produces nonidentical numbers
In a room that feels the same
Planning must be to blame
Construct the tuning fork
Action indulges work

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