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Friday, October 16, 2015

Small Businesses

Small businesses have become an integral part of America. When we think of “Mom & Pop” corner store, the local carry-out diner, small-time gas stations or “insert name here” hardware and tools we are thinking about this concept. We can see these in every state and city across the country. They usually offer a suitable substitute to some of the larger named stores. They could or could not be seen as competition due to the relevant size but are thought of as a fair alternative for its consumers and employees. We are helped by them without question. And to watch them continue to grow in number would only mean the persistence of our economy to be able to thrive.
            Small businesses play a very important role in our society both locally and nationwide. A business can be franchised from a known brand or individually owned by someone expressing their entrepreneurial spirit. Their beginning is like the birth of a new child. Whether it is a new type of business or a different spin on something that currently exists, the possibilities for what it can offer are bountiful. They create opportunities for employment and access to healthcare for those that can help. For one to find a steady income stream from a generous resource is always good news. Healthcare is an added benefit that ensures that individuals can keep a standard of living that is worthy of working for. Providing patient care, connections to doctors and the proficiency of advanced medicine are just some of the virtuous advantages received from healthcare. Plus the employees can perform at work regularly at their peak. The situation consists of an owner who cares about the growth of a community and employees who can recycle resources into that same community. This will always enable a net positive for everyone involved as philanthropy is reciprocated throughout the entire process. Not to mention the goods or services provided are wanted by the customer base. These can not only jumpstart a small economy but they can really increase and sustain one also. It creates a constantly improving circle where the employee gets recognized for their work experience, the customer can become a regular patron of a personal necessity and the owner’s business can be highly successful and profitable. This is respectable for all participating parties and worthy of praise from all observers.
            Without the small business industry there would be a very high level of competition for corporate jobs that may leave some of these people on the outside looking in. This can be destructive to the fabric of our nation as we know it today. It is not a negative to compete for a Fortune 500 job opening. These careers are reputable and typically only accept the cream of the crop for hire. When your life depends on it with no alternative however, a dire circumstance can be presented. Missing that type of opportunity due to requirements or availability can cause depression and lackluster effort moving forward. People would not be able to provide for themselves or their families which would be a challenging problem leading to more poverty. Less active workers would have a negative effect on the economy. The local supply of money from payroll cannot be placed right back in the surrounding area. The absence of cash flow to fuel stations for travel, eateries for lunch and parking in some major cities would deprive the region. In fact, in some cases those would be small businesses themselves. Another consequence would be the ensuing snowball effect of the pay scale for workers. Removing the axiomatic middle man of places for employment means that whoever does not get the corporate jobs begin to cope with accepting near or at minimum wage jobs as a means to work. Though a candidate would have thought of themselves to be overqualified in an alternative scenario, they now find it to be their best chance at the moment. That would subsequently displace those who would compete for those jobs to part-time work, crime or government assistance of another kind meaning welfare.
            The government has done plenty to help the growth of this sort of investment with the formation of the Small Business Administration. The SBA helps secure funding, provides education and can structure a long-term plan for anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur and qualifies. People can find information on what grants or loans can be given to them to create their new business. A startup can arise even if not having the full amount of necessary backing in your personal accounts. Inquirers can be taught valuable lessons about the business industry indicating what has been known to succeed or fail. To go one step further, I suppose that the government could also guarantee positive interaction with the entities it helps to create. This would be a radical yet fundamentally sound idea for enhancement. Imagine if someone could inform the Small Business Administration of an upcoming development. The business owner provides a name, address, type of business, types of payment methods and whatever else may be needed for proper registration. The SBA could then communicate with government officials and local residents to direct people towards that place of commerce creating a revenue stream. This could provide a service to quicken the time to recover the loan amount and makes sure that the creation they partly brought to light can prosper.
            Colleges and Universities can join in on the act by incorporating small businesses into their students’ curriculum and career fairs. Students could take courses on the small business owner strategies, ethics and concepts. Not to specify the contrast from being a national corporation but to know why this option is for anyone who wants to take that path. Learn about the Small Business Administration and regional planning for success. Also inform about what pitfalls could be faced after choosing not to be employed by another. It would be helpful to have this information as part of the collegiate process instead of only seeking it once you have the idea. Secondarily, students and soon to be graduates can meet local business owners looking for young talent to assist in the growth of their business. They can learn whether the opportunity is just a matter of convenience or a better career move. What if a small business could offer a higher rate of pay and specialized perks because the owner’s conditions can be personalized. The new hire can feel like a coveted member of an organization instead of a number among many who are very qualified. Graduates could be management material with both an outstanding resume and impressive interview instead of being relegated to entry level status of a huge company.
            Building a robust small businesses industry is already happening. They have created income for wise investors and those looking for work. They have become a key portion of the America’s commerce system. Without them things would be drastically different. Even if some other concept was formed as an alternative, it might not be as sustainable or beneficial. With both government and educational support, we can generate the path of businesses into the hands of people who would like to decide their future and consider the prospects of others. And that would be no small feat on any scale, by any measure.

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