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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Yet To Be Named

Envision the monopoly
Of the dueling hypocrisy
When what stands beside me
Is believed to be on top of me
Suffering fools search for truth by foot
As the wise pair lies
But nothing compares
To what the blind sees with lost eyes
As the high road becomes less traveled
I ask you all to stay down for the cause
Since new rules to behave
Are broken as just laws
For hindsight creates the perfect vision
Only to view my flaws
Guilty or innocent
When thrown from a jury of your peers
Means there is more separating us
Than age in years
The messenger is more important than the message
And the savior is greater than those he saved
Who is left afterwards to define the names they were gave
Languages are diverse
While math is concrete
Soon there will be a new science for people to compete
They depreciate the optimism
To raise the level of negative ideology
If one item can fix it all
We would reject it as idolatry
God must exist in a world where he or she is needed
However to go further than required helped in winning they were defeated
So I lambast myself for a solution for what to do
But everything I came up with was O-B-I-O-K-U

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