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Monday, January 18, 2016

Stop Cyber Bullying

Addressing cyber bullying can help the next generation in a number of ways.  Cyber bullying, like all other forms of bullying, is about picking on someone for their worst character flaw and exacerbating it.  Bring more attention to it and make it something that more people can mock and laugh at.  The immense negativity leads to depression, anger and resentment.  Bullying does not enable sympathy only humiliation of the victim and entertainment for the perpetrator.  Unlike in person, you cannot always report cyber bullying to get assistance.  Though the strong individuals can deal with this in a healthy manner on their own, some of us need help to handle to the day to day stresses that we face.  Some of the repercussions of bullying are scary and can be dangerous.  We have seen the extreme results of bullying lead to loss of human lives.  Deaths of the ones harmed, those that caused it and even innocent bystanders who were present at the time it took place or at the point of retaliation.  In no one’s view can you compare suicide to mass murder except for the person who decides that line can be crossed.  Since the results are not always to toughen up and learn from experience we should try to discompose these activities prior to the troubling outcome.  But it has to be halted with honesty for the modification.  The conduct is a known problem and done with insensitive intent.  We cannot just tell people we are all equal and we are all the same for people to accept it is wrong.  It is true in a humane sense but when gender, economics, academics, race and status are incorporated into the conversation the separation is clear and present.  We have to teach each other about the importance of having respect for our differences and why they exist.  Even stereotypes are continued because it was once observed and apply to a similar group of people at a later time.  Try building self-esteem not from a defensive position but to be secure in the company of others who seemingly have more or are better off.  Also show the historical lesson that perceptible inconsistencies do not have to be the major dividing rod for our society to become segmented.  How you treat people and interact with others is as important in the long run as luxury items.  There is a lot to do to change bullying behavior.  Silence and tolerance are congenial and can be the primary option to at least start before any additional actions are taken.

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