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Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Recipient's Gift

The loyalty displayed for penmanship
Categorized my verbalization as an apprenticeship
The slippery slope contesting the young calf
Makes me oppugn whose back they really have
Verboseness refined
Devises crisp lines
The pain remains
To stain the same
Placing blame and shame
Without the mention of a name
Introspection claims the fame
As curiosity's window pane
Keeps me in a state of naivete
Breathe ingenuity
See the reader has full access to the quotes
Yet I do not know the emotions they invoke
The mind's blind eye is always creative
Leaving the leftover senses chelated
Importance debated
Negligence underestimated
Anticipation of reciprocation
Is the emanation of relation
Producing two-way conversation
Both lip and pen
Form words to spend
To begin again
And end again

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