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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Alliteration Ere Zeitgeist

Actually ask archaic adult
Broadband boy baked bad batch
Cold case cant consistently catch
Dawn developed dusk do-over
Enact emergency evolution
Friendly faces forming fast fuse fate
Good god gushes glow great
Have half hope holding happy hands
Icon identity isolate irate incumbent investigators
Just joining jobless judicial janitors
Keen kids keep kings kingdom klean
Lost letter labels lagging lepers
Medicine molds mere mortals
Nuptials nectar negates nabbing nepotism
Or objectifies obedient obscurity
Please perpetuate peace plus positivity
Quiet quaint quakes quasi qualify
Respect real relationships recapping recursion
Suppress secret sorrowful sentiments sanely
Trust truth through tacit togetherness
Use utter unity understanding utopia
Vanquish violent venom voluntarily
Working wonders with well wishers wins
Xerox xeric xebec xeriscape
Yore yada yada youthful yammers
Zygotes zig zag zero zealots zone

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