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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Just Me

My tears fall in a hidden place
My fears are stranded by deaf ears
I sit alone
All alone
Desperate for affection
Contemplate correction
What do I really want
I want to know what you really want
Why put up a front
One day was lost to consider the runt
Blunt expressions
Replaced with penned aggression
The duality is always present
To represent all possible intent
Friendship shares in the light
Enemies plot with spite
Both pay equal attention to the cause
Rewritten as practiced law
The rationale is apparent
To the eyes that do not stop staring
Applaud and rejoice
Or silence the contrasting voice
I still do this for you
I just hope you know who you are
When we both agree
The moon becomes a star
Define that for me
I just need your help
To determine identity
Simple remedy
Companionship mixed with femininity
Could be a smiling face
Could be a wife
I’d rather let her decide her life
Choice was fought for a long time ago
Far from me to shed the water against Roe
Challenge history or relive the past
Is something that has already passed
You are always right is in hindsight
Good morning follows good night
Maybe that’s wrong
But it sounds good to the chord of the song
Off to another note
I think I am starting to ramble
Constitute myself after the preamble

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