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Saturday, January 12, 2019

Low-End Sanctity

Lonely, lonely, lonely
And lost to the world
Phony. phony, phony
With less care to give
The new paradigm has shifted to more surreal cause
As the mistake to not participate ripples all flaws
I am no the longer the judge of circumstance
But the misgiver of wrongful entrance
Once foretold a man cannot live on his word alone
However each statement builds a new home
Turmoil is the result of plans not finished
As disappointment reigns for those awaiting the end of the line
One must adhere to the crowd to the sublime income
For in my own light I have not seen the shine
The earth's view is not mine alone
Broken and shattered in a tireless fight
Wishing for another moment to make it right
But the interval is always fleeting and does not generate response
Miracles introspectively reveal the inevitable failure to launch
These words are nothing
These thoughts are even less
A cruel fate is the only thing left to test
Will a hero arise to spark a sense of renewal
Or will the dark spiral continue to engulf 
The predictable conclusion is one of illusion
If you can believe in things that are not true
So what am I to do from here forth
Live a life of God's approval
Only I have no idea how long it can last
Showing plans for a laugh
Causes tears for a presenter
Heaven and hell has paths to enter

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