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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Gentle Resurgence

The stagnation of inspiration
Can be misconstrued as procrastination
Without the visualization
Of my fascination
That oh so special sweet lady of my dreams
For me its always more than what it seems
The distractions of life
May create strife
If words do not breed the enunciation of right
Im just not certain its the same
Her name
Well I wont provide that for now
It is one
Ok maybe two
Sorry I cant lie its could be a few
I aint a playa
I dont commit to what I dont know
Need to see the signs that its really for sho
We can stand eye to eye
And toe to toe
Which leads to movement with belly to belly
And lip to lip
But not much more will be described in this
In time we will get closer
When I can express this on my own
Without the use of a phone
Then and only then
Will this be confidently put to rest
As she drifts into the night
On the same bed
With her head on my chest
Good night baby

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