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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Prerequisite Benevolence

Back on penning melodic rhymes
Took the time to find the time
And the spine
To return to my seat
Dreams of a better world 
Means I'd ask for your advice
Purl of skirl with date and time
I think yours is better than mine
Minus the pain
Believe in something much greater than yourself
Trade the wisdom in loo of
Zaddik like burka
Is it worth a second to attain
The missing line
Lets actually learn
If response is earned
Then what is discussion 
Ideas exchanged without interruption
Uniformity breeds conformity
So where is the anomaly
Someone's philosophy touches the masses
New strategies can help gain wealth
Outdesign the orientation 
And build more structures to work upon itself
Classes for thought patterns
Busy with making decisions
What was written in the beginning
Draws comparisons to latter men
Spoke volumes